Cape Cod® Buffing Cloth

Cape Cod® Buffing Cloth


Each Packet contains One 12" X 12" Buffing Cloth. Excellent Cloth for buffing Cape Cod Polish to a brilliant shine - Fast! Not Chemically Treated: Cape Cod® Buffing cloths are washable and reusable. 


PRO TIP: Don't wash your Cape Cod buffing cloth after using it in conjunction with the Cape Cod Polishing cloths. The fluid that is in the polishing cloths will be transferred to the buffing cloth when polishing your item. Over time some of the fluid will transfer to the buffing cloth so it can be used as a "quick buff" brightening up bracelets and cases in seconds.



About Cape Cod®


Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths are soft, reusable cotton cloths containing just the right amount of our amazing metal polish. Simply wipe away tarnish to reveal a mirror like shine. Never again will you need a separate silver polish, brass polish, copper polish, etc. Cape Cod Polishing Cloths work on all fine metals. Safe and easy to use, our metal polishing cloths have a pleasant vanilla fragrance and leave a revolutionary anti-tarnish finish. Thank you for visiting us at the Cape Cod Polish official website where "Everything Old is New Again!"