We LOVE Quality

​​why choose Strappy

Selected Leather

Leather is a material loved by many for its flexibility and durability. It is made from tanning animal skins or hides and many different animals are used to make leather. All Strappy leather straps are real leather products. 

  • Comfortable

  • Skin-friendly

  • Breathable


You care. We care. 

Attention to detail is very important to us.

  • Strap Rings

    Shows off the beautiful natural leather grain

  • Comfortable

    Soft and flexible 
    Straps are 
    comfortable for extended wear

  • Carefully Stitched

    Premium stitching
    Handcrafted details

  • Two Layers

    Handmade thick & strong leather strap for the vintage look

  • Fitted with quick release springs bars making it easy to change watch straps

  • Water Resistant

    Some of our straps are water resistant and breathable 

OUR Nylon Strap

A selection of our popular nylon watch straps. Made with high quality materials, they are soft and durable. Perfect for work in the field. 


Buckles are made from high quality stainless steel with polished and brushed finish. It is suitable for almost all watch straps.


Strappy leather straps are designed and crafted of the finest materials available. To maintain the appearance of your leather strap we recommend the following:

  • Treat the item with care, and limit exposure to direct heat and sunlight.

  • Keep this item dry, and avoid damp or wet surfaces.

  • Care should be taken when using this product, as color transfer can occur.

  • Do not use any chemical cleaners to care for this product.